Best Brand Idea for Good

Brand campaigns that best demonstrate a direct link between creative ideas for good, and effectiveness, generating a positive impact in the lives of people and society.


Excellent technical craftsmanship (direction, casting, production design, editing, cinematography, etc.) that brings a creative idea for good to life, through its powerful execution:

  1. Film Craft
  2. Digital Craft

Brand Storytelling

Masterful crafting, delivery, and execution of compelling and authentic brand stories about human realities, that inspire and move people to action.


Demonstration of technological creativity that embodies the relationship between a big idea and radical technology. Entries must showcase tailor-made solutions that address a consumer need or deliver a product, service or brand message in a new way.

Public Relations

Campaigns that use reputation and information management to engage and build audiences for a brand while closing the gap between businesses and their publics.

Regional Brand Development

Entries that excel in building brand presence beyond national borders, and are effectively implemented in at least three (3) countries.

Sustainable Campaign

Campaigns that have effectively run for the past three years (2015-2017) that demonstrate commitment to creative human good, with impressive results.

Tambuli Origins

Brand campaigns celebrating local traditions, culture and values of people in a country or region.

Branded Content & Entertainment

Original content created for or integrating a brand through strategic collaborations with publishers or media partners, rograms, series, or films, as well as user-generated content.