Campaigns that promote a cause or principle that positively impacts social, political and economic structures, and societies at large, while managing to seamlessly connect with the brand’s core message.

Youth Brand

Brands that buck the trend in youth marketing, build character, and foster a positive transition into adulthood.

Family Centered Brand

Campaigns that communicate the importance of nurturing the smallest yet most fundamental social unit - the family.

Health & Wellness

Works that promote the overall health and wellness of individuals and communities, focusing on, but not limited to, good nutrition, disease prevention, general hygiene, mental health, exercise, etc. while adhering to the brand message and personality.

Care for the Environment

Brand campaigns that effectively heighten the awareness of the audience towards their responsibility as stewards of the earth and their grave duty to cultivate, protect, and preserve the world around them.

Arts, Culture & Heritage

Campaigns or marketing programs using any media channel that raises the audience’s appreciation and consciousness for the sublime--e.g. painting, sculpture, architecture, music, literature, history, etc.--in order to uplift lives of people and society at large.

Education & Lifelong Learning

Activities that highlight causes explicitly related to the education sector, either by engaging the public in providing a solution to a problem, or else by creating an idea that solves the problem in an innovative and insightful way.

Poverty Alleviation

Executions by either the private or public sector that explicitly seek to provide solutions for the challenges faced by the impoverished. Campaigns must have resulted in actionable solution(s) to address a specific issue or set of issues related to poverty.

Responsible Citizenship

Campaigns or standalone executions that leverage an understanding of human insight and compelling call-to-action to effect positive social change. Entries must generally involve, though are not limited to, causes related to day-to-day contributions to nation-building (e.g. traffic safety, public cleanliness, commuter etiquette, etc.).


Efforts that provide support for and solutions to issues commonly faced by entrepreneurs/SMEs or programs that encourage the spirit of entrepreneurship among people to boost economic growth.