Campaigns that demonstrate the creative use of sound to relay a story. Entries must communicate the brand message through audio excellence, sonic innovation or superior aural storytelling. This category includes entries in the form of radio ads, podcasts, music, etc.

Video Screen

Entries in this category must demonstrate innovation in crafting brand storytelling intended for consumption via a screen – TV ads, cinema, online, out-of-home, etc.

Integrated Digital

Campaigns grounded in strategy, demonstrating excellence in utilizing an integrated mix of content created and distributed on various digital platforms. Entries can include, but are not limited to, social media campaigns, digital platform innovations, search and display ads, digital CRM, and the use of online influencers or blogs.

Integrated Media

Campaigns that demonstrate strategic and tactical thinking in the use of multiple media touchpoints to deliver a compelling, single-minded message.


Executions that exemplify the use of portable, hand-held, and/or wearable devices as integral elements of the campaign.


Works and ideas that capture the attention of the target market out-of-home, leveraging public spaces to bring the brand experience to life.


Works that embody creativity in printed and/or poster work, either in circulation or via outdoor installations.

Social Media

Strategic and creative efforts that focus on developing highly relevant content that resonates with the target market, utilizing social media platforms to achieve results for the brand, product or service.

Brand Experience
& Engagement

Total consumer journey and experience with the brand, including brand activation activities that generate interaction and participation of the intended target market. Entries must demonstrate creativity in bringing brands to life and may include, but are not limited to, events and field marketing, in-store marketing, shopper marketing, merchandising, and product launches.

Best Use of Influencer

Focus on the best use of influencer through a media campaign (multiple or single) to deliver a non-disruptive and single-minded message to the audience through the strategic use of earned and owned media.

Best Use of Programmatic

Strategic and creative efforts that demonstrate standout use of programmatic media buying, delivering not only effective but efficient results. Entries include the use of software or any programmatic channel to purchase advertising as opposed to traditional process of ad placements.