Entry Requirements


  1. Materials released between January 1, 2017 and December 31, 2017 are qualified to enter. Materials may have been introduced earlier but must have run during this period and have data relative to the qualifying time.
  2. Entries from Asia Pacific, Australia, New Zealand, and the Middle East are accepted, including campaigns created or initiated from anywhere in the world that run in Asia-Pacific, Australia, New Zealand, and the Middle East.
  3. Materials that ran an extended period of time with several dates of implementation must be accompanied with adequate proof of having progressed from year to year.
  4. Only one entrant company may submit an entry - collaborative efforts may be submitted by either the agency or the production company but not by both.


  1. All entries must be completed online at www.tambuliawards.asia
  2. The online entry form containing all the instructions may also be filled out.
  3. A case film, summarizing the case study, is required.
      • Length: maximum of 2 minutes
      • Format: MP4
  4. Each entry may be submitted for consideration in multiple categories.
  5. Required formats for submitted materials are as follows:
    • MP4: TVC/Video materials
    • MP3: Radio/Audio materials
    • JPEG: Print and other support materials
  6. Each upload must not exceed 15MB
  7. Data presented in the Business Results section of the case study must refer to a specific source. This could be client information or agency/third party research. The Asia-Pacific Tambuli Awards Jury has the right to verify the accuracy of your data with the referred source. Not referring to a source will result in disqualification.
  8. Entrant companies with winning or shortlisted entries may be requested to provide full media schedules to verify their entries' authenticity.
  9. Case studies must be written in English. English translations must also be provided for words or phrases in other languages. Please follow the set word limit indicated in the entry form.
  10. Non-English videos should be accompanied with English subtitles.
  11. Entries must be submitted with the consent of the client company or rights-holder. All entries must be work rendered for legitimate clients that have paid for media placements.
  12. All entries submitted to the Asia-Pacific Tambuli Awards may be used either in whole or in part, in any way the organizers deem appropriate, including duplication and publication, while honoring at all times the confidentiality of the specified information.
  13. All entries are non-returnable and become the property of the UA&P School of Communication.
  14. Authors of entries submitted that are subsequently published must acknowledge the Asia-Pacific Tambuli Awards.
  15. Payments made for wrong, disqualified or withdrawn entries are non-refundable.
  16. Submitted entries will not be considered eligible until full payment has been made and all required media has been uploaded to the Asia-Pacific Tambuli Awards website. For foreign countries, payment is subject to 7% processing fee to cover bank and other related charges.
  17. Materials from entries submitted to the Asia-Pacific Tambuli Awards will be used for awards purposes. Entrants may also be required to provide supplementary materials for shortlisted or winning works to be used in the show, promotional materials, and related events held after the awards night.
  18. All entries must strictly comply with the rules, and any violations will result in automatic disqualification.
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