Judging & Criteria

Winners will be chosen using the following criteria:

50% Human Good

Creative idea and
execution of human good.

50% Results

Financial/Business Results.
Met or surpassed business objectives.

Judging Process

  1. All entries submitted to the Asia-Pacific Tambuli Awards undergo a pre-screening process. The pre-screening process is conducted by the organizers of the award to ensure that all entries comply with the rules and regulations of the competition.
  2. The following criteria are basis for disqualifying entries at the pre-screening phase:
    1. Entries whose idea or overall message are contrary to those that the Asia-Pacific Tambuli Awards upholds.
    2. Entries whose message or advocacy is deemed offensive to national, cultural, or religious values and sentiments, or are contary to public morals.
    3. Entries whose values are not clearly evident or depicted in the creative materials submitted.
    4. Entries submitted by institutions, organizations, interest groups, or advocacies that are known publicly to espouse and foster ideas or systems of belief that are contrary to those upheld by the Asia-Pacific Tambuli Awards.
    5. Entries that are badly written, lacking in rigor, depth, and accuracy.
  3. All pre-screened entries in the Media & Digital, and Humanity and Culture Cluster Categories are evaluated by the Plenary Jury, composed of an international group of distinguished client and agency heads. Evaluation is conducted online to determine the bronze, silver, and gold winners.
  4. All pre-screened entries for the Creative Cluster Categories will be evaluated by the Creative Executive Jury live, to determine the bronze, silver, and gold winners.
  5. All gold winners in the various categories shall then be evaluated by the Overall Executive Jury, to determine which among the gold winners deserve to be elevated to Grand Prix. From among the Grand Prix winners, the Overall Executive Jury chooses only one winner for the Platinum, the highest honor in this competition.
  6. An independent third party will audit the awards process.
  7. The decision of the jury on all entries is final